Fjord and fruit safari

RIB tour on the Hardangerfjord and walking in fruit gardens along the fjord

Fjord and fruit safari (2.5 hours)

Price from NOK 1.290,- incl. VAT per person.

(Group booking for a minimum of 8 people)

RIB tour from Norheimsund via the old trading town Herandsholmen, to Steinstø fruit garden where we wander through the orchard and taste the self-produced products.

The tour starts at Thon Hotel Sandven in Norheimsund after dressing, and a brief review of safety. 

Across the Hardangerfjord, the trip goes via the old trading town of Herandsholmen before heading to Steinstø near Fyksesund.

At Steinstø we visit the idyllic Steinstø Fruktgard (fruit garden) in peaceful surroundings by the beautiful Hardangerfjord. Here we can walk through the orchard and taste the self-produced product from the garden.

From here the trip goes into Fyksesund which is an adventurous beautiful fjord arm in the middle of the Hardangerfjord. Fyksesund is visually beautiful, and the inner part of the fjord has very steep and high mountain sides. In the bottom of Fyksesund lie the villages Botnen and Flatabø only accessible by boat or by foot.

We will stop several times close to shore to experience nature and life along the fjord. Have your camera equipment easily accessible.

Return to Norheimsund via Kvamsøy and Tjuvaholmen.

@Steinstø fruktgard

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