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Hardangerfjord Adventure

Experience hidden gems in Hardanger through safe and fast transport that gives you a unique experience of various destinations in the middle and outer parts of the Hardangerfjord.

About us

Hardangerfjord Adventure offers tours to view narrow fjords, islands, glaciers and life in and along the fjord. We have scheduled tours and also offer tours in Hardanger for groups on request.

Our vessel is a RIB (rubber inflated boat) boat as a means of transport to and from various destinations in the middle and outer parts of the Hardangerfjord.

To experience gems along the fjord, we offer fjord tours to various narrow fjords and islands.

Hardangerfjord Adventure offers unique tours together with other tourism companies in the region where you can experience glaciers, fruit growing, farm life, culture, mountains and local everyday life by the fjord.

The tours depart from Hardangerfjord Hotel in Øystese, but we offer tours from any hotel in the middle or outer parts of Hardanger. Contact us for a unique fjord experience for your travel group in Hardanger!

Hardangerfjord Adventure AS was founded in the fall of 2018 by mainly owners from the tourism industry in the municipalities of Jondal and Kvam in Hardanger. Here you can name the owners of Kramsjø B&B and Meieriet Restaurant (Herand), Hardanger House (Jondal), Hardingasete (Ljones), Thon Hotel Sandven (Norheimsund), Hardangerfjord Hotel (Øystese), Botnadraumen (Botnen in Fyksesund) and Hardanger Aqua Centre (Steinstø) . Me can offer specially made packages in cooperation with all these companies!

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Practical information


Hardangerfjord Adventure operates in accordance with the terms of the Norwegian Maritime Directorate for commercial use of boats shorter than 15m with 12pax or less. We have systems for security management that depict activities for the vessel, the operating area, risk factors, routines for undesirable events, technical specifications and routines for maintenance. All our drivers have at least recreational craft certificates, courses in passenger and emergency handling, health certificate for employees on ships, basic safety training and VHF certificate.

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Before departure, we always go through safety instructions and important information so that everyone gets a comfortable and safe trip, and not least an experience for all ages.

The age limit for being a passenger on our boats is 8 years. Children 14 years or younger must be with parents or a guardian.

When you book a trip with the Hardangerfjord Adventure online, you agree to the terms of the declaration below when confirming the order. If you order on behalf of a group, all passengers must sign this declaration before departure.

For security reasons, we do not accept persons who are visibly drunk.

With regard to legislation and safety, we never run trips in the dark.

RIB boat and passengers are insured with Söderberg & Partners.

The boat

The boat we use is a Gemini RIB. It is 35 feet and has two Yamaha outboard 300 hp engines. The boat is designed to withstand very rough seas and has extremely good seafaring properties. It is equipped with comfortable and secure seats, this to make the boat trip as pleasant as possible. The boat is completely open, so that one gets a unique nature experience close to the sea. We can accommodate 12 passengers. For larger groups, we have the opportunity to hire in more RIBs.


We recommend trousers and long-sleeved sweater for the trip. Please dress according to weather and season. In the spring, autumn and winter, we recommend wool clothing. The temperature is about 10 degrees lower due to speedy travel on the fjord than in air on land.

Security is the highest priority on all trips. On all trips with RIB, you will be wearing a floating suit and life jacket. First aid equipment is always available.

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Feel free to bring your photographic equipment on our tours. Bring protection to the equipment if it rains.

In the boat, each passenger has storage space for a smaller bag under his seat.

The area

Our scheduled tours take you to the Hardangerfjord from Hardangerfjord Hotel in Øystese. The tours go in the sub-fjords Samlafjorden, Hissfjorden and Sildafjorden, and through the fjord arms Fyksesund and Maurangerfjorden. We are very flexible when it comes to pick-up and offer pick from anywhere in the middel or outer parts of Hardanger. Please contact us for a closer agreement.

When it comes to tailor made tours and other assignments, we basically stay between Rosendal in the south and Utne / Kinsarvik / Bu in the east. Contact us for further questions.

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